Key Themes

This year we will explore the linked themes of planning, process, technology and geography and how they are shaping the supply chains for the future.

Theme Address

Uneven Growth, Geo-Political Changes, Uncertain Economy – How CSCOs should adapt to the changing ecosystem.

On the Cusp of Logistics Transformation

Policy, Infrastructure, and Technology, and Strategy push to create value and growth

CEO Chat

Looking Back to Move Forward – Importance Supply Chain Strategies in shaping the new Competitive Advantage

End-to-End Planning for Agile Decision Making

Leveraging Data and analytics in real time decision making

CSCO Roundtable

India on the Move – Growth imperatives in building India’s the new supply chain ecosystem – Challenges and opportunities.

From India To Bharat

Responding to E-commerce boom and Creating new logistics models for retail, omni-channel and last mile delivery

Riding the Technology Wave

How to create a Digital Mindset by leveraging digital tech intensity and digital maturity

Preparing for the world of tomorrow

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in supply chains.